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Khusan came about as a response for the need of a simple site to bring merchants and consumers together for the exchange of property. What sets Khusan aside from most other property sites is that it also allows for the consumer to advertise his or her property – just like many classifieds sites. In that sense, Khusan strives to offer the best of both worlds of a property site and a classifieds site, exchanging exclusively property.

What's in a name? “Khusan” is simply the derivation of the word “house.” O.E. Hus "dwelling, shelter, house," from P.Gmc. *khusan (cf. O.N., O.Fris. hus, Du. Huis, Ger. Haus), of unknown origin, perhaps connected to the root of hide (v.). (Source: http://www.etymonline.com/)

Also simply said, Khusan's mission is to help provide everyone with a roof over their head.

Khusan operates out of the area of the biggest logistic hub of the world: Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Khusan Property Trading Place is co-founded and held by Roland van Leusden, owner of SaleXperience, an (internet) training/coaching/marketing company in the Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam no. 24400362.

Therefore paid services of Khusan will be charged by SaleXperience. Thank you for your trust.

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