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There are numerous categories and sub-categories available for correctly classifying your ad as well as for the search for ads. Below is a detailed description of each of the different classifications.

Offered / Wanted


Merchants (owners, Realtors, leasers, trustees) placing their advertisement for the sale or lease of their property


Consumers (individuals, companies or third parties) placing an advertisement with the need for a property, either to buy or rent.

Property Category

Property Category define a generalized category for the selection of property. This is based on the transaction type offered or wanted as well as the property markets available.

Property for sale:

any type of residential property that is put up for sale.

Property for rent:

any type of residential property that is put up for rent.

Swap property:

any type of residential property that is put up for swapping with another residential or other property.

Commercial & Office Space:

property used for business and industry.

Parking & Storage:

parking and storage facilities.


undeveloped property.


those vacation properties rented or leased for limited durations.


Expat, short-term, project and other properties.

Property Sub-category

Property Sub-Category define the actual property type, be it a house, apartment or office space. This is chosen after choosing the Property Category.

Room / Sublet:

a singular room having shared facilities - bathroom, shower, kitchen etc.

Apartment / Flat:

one or more rooms having its own facilities, as part of a larger complex having numerous apartments. Townhouse apartments also fit under this heading.

House / Duplex:

those properties that own everything from the roof down to the ground and are used for living in.

Mansion / Villa:

a large house consisting of 10 or more rooms.


the grounds surrounding a mansion including such things as a swimming pool, tennis court and stately gardens. This may or may not include the mansion.


the actual thing or a large magnificent house built to resemble a fortified castle of the past.


those houses presently used or used in the past for farming purposes. This may or may not include the property around the farmhouse.


those vacation properties rented or leased for limited durations.

Office Space:

space in an office building, normally with all utilites included in the rental price.

Office Building:

the complete building, containing either one or more companies.

Factory / Industry:

a building set up and within city planning for the performance of manufacturing.


a storage building.


an office building using central facilities to cater to the different companies housed there.


an office buidling provided in a business park with mutual utilites, security etc.

Parking Place:

a parking place with a valid ownership of property or parking rights.


a covered space for a car, either open or with garage door.


a storage space for furniture, materials and the sort.


a shipping container on an approved property.

Building Commercial:

land with town planning approval for the building of commercial properties.

Building Residential:

land with town planning approval for the building of residential properties.

Agriculture / Farming:

land with town planning approval for agricultural and farming activities.


land protected by law and to be used only for reservation ends.

Hotel / Motel / Inn / Bed & Breakfast:

commercial establishments offering lodging to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents, and often having restaurants, meeting rooms, stores, etc., that are available to the general public.


a place where a group of persons or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter, often providing facilities, swimming pool and central meeting house.


an inexpensive, supervised lodging place for young people on bicycle trips, hikes, etc.

Ex-Pat :

temporary or permanent housing for a person living in a different country from where he or she is a citizen, often for business purposes.


resident or commercial housing projects for investment and other purposes.


for those offering or seeking short-term housing.


any property-related advertisement, such as mortgage notes, etc.

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