placing an ad

A new is created by the Create Advertisement button.

Give a title explaining the type of property and location you are searching for real estate in. Then enter an indication of the price you want to pay for rent or buy.

Next you are asked to fill in a location. Make sure to spell the city name correctly, and then choose the country and province where that city is located. After choosing the country, type in the first letter of the province and it will provide you with a dropdown list of the provinces beginning with that letter. Choose the appropriate province.

Make sure to choose the “Wanted” option.

Choosing a property category is explained in the Ad Location [link] section of this Help page.

Enter the number of rooms that you require and an approximate size.

Then give a good description of exactly what you are looking for, also giving a description of yourself for the potential seller or landlord to see. This you can further enhance by choosing the property features you desire.

Important is to choose a Property Type at the end, giving the type of area where you would like to rent or buy.

Preview gives an overview of the ad with the possibility to still make changes. Once you've pressed on Save, your ad is placed on the site and editing it is only possible by going into My Account.

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