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For Sale by Owner

If you are looking to sell a home, the first thing you need to know is that real estate agents charge very high commission fees which can take a big percentage of the profit you could have made from the sale. When most people say, “I want to sell my house”, their mind invariably goes directly to hiring a real estate agent, as they think this is the only plausible  [ Read More ]

Make Money by Renting Your Home

Posted by Roland on January - 18 - 2013

You need not be told how difficult it is to earn money nowadays. If you want proof of this, you could simply take a look at your budget and compare it to how much you are earning. The discrepancy should be your gauge. Even if you have a stable job with a relatively better pay, your needs may still be over and above the amount you are getting. Because of  [ Read More ]

Looking into the CMS Real Estate Demo, I discover that it was hosted by Navegabem Web Design (Portugese for “good surfing”) web design company operating from Madeira Island in Portugal. I sent an email and the next morning I had Chris, the CEO and Chief Designer, on Skype. We hit it off directly. We discussed how we could use Navegabem’s extensive knowledge of real estate and property sites. I showed  [ Read More ]

With some persistence I was finally able to contact Rene van Mullem ( I explained to him the strange reaction I had gotten to the brochure and I asked him what he thought about a property classifieds site. He confided in me that he was planning to do something similar in China, however he was just getting involved in RSS technology and this would most likely take all his time.  [ Read More ]

It was spring 2006 and I completed translating the brochure for Practical Solutions – offering services to business owners to start joint ventures in Central and East Europe. They had already set up a successful printing company in Romania using subsidies from the Netherlands and this knowledge could be used to help other West European companies to set up in CEE. I received the payment for the brochure, and as  [ Read More ]

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