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Investing In Real Estate In The Current Economic Condition

Posted by Roland on June - 19 - 2013

The difference between a good investor and an ordinary one is the ability to see things through. Since 2006 when the housing crisis first emerged, there have been real estate investors who have continued to make investments and earn decent returns on their investments. The only hindrance during the difficult times was the tight credit market which made borrowing in real estate a big problem. The fact remains that any  [ Read More ]

Khusan Property & the “Economy”

Posted by jan on June - 22 - 2010

Today’s housing situation is a precarious one to say the least. Property and real estate prices are still too high in many places in comparison to incomes and salaries. The insecurities that the “economy” provides only serve to cause one continuous worry and leads to many restless nights. However there is one security you have – and that is you. What many people fail to realize is that the obscure  [ Read More ]

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